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You can supernet the internal addresses....  Something like will create a rule for every 10.x.y.z address.


On 9/22/06, gabriel.j.byrne@xxxxxx <gabriel.j.byrne@xxxxxx> wrote:

in order to resolve the issue i have had to create a 2nd WI site . this was due to the fact that i have some 500 subnets internally and the option to set the default dmz setting to alternate / translated is not an option. i would need to define all the internal subnets.

i now get the address of the external ip in the launch.ica

however i am still getting the error .

the config is as follows:

dmz settings

default = translated (all external ip's)

address mappings
internal WI IP :80 -----> external FW IP :80 users can connect to web
interface and login

internal app srv IP : 1494 ----------> external FW IP: 1494 users still
receive error "there is no citrix metaframe server configured for the
specified address"

the IIS is on 80, the XML for the farm is on 81 and SR is disabled. I have
added using altaddr the external FW IP to the app server.

what am i missing here ?


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