[THIN] Re: WI4.2 address translation

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No i am nor using a CAG. I have added the altaddr ip to the app server and
now need to add it i presume somewhere in the WI 4.2 config. there used tio
be a template.ica file but i can't seem to find this . also will my
internal clients still use the internal server address coming through the


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If you are not using a proxy like CAG you will need to configure alternate
address- the remote client needs to know what IP address to get itâs ICA
session from- this can only be an outside address. Alt Address provides
this address in the ICA file presented by WIâ.

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Hi all,

I am configuring the WI 4.2 for external access.

I have set the the following in address mappings

Internal IP WI:80 --------->external IP:80 and the users can hit the WI no

but when they attempt to launch the app they get a "there is no citrix
metaframe server specified on the configured address" error

to remedy this i have done the following

Internal APP server IP:1494 -------->external IP:1494

both ports 80 & 1494 are open on the firewall (once this works i will also
open 2598 for SR)

in addition i have set the DMZ settings to

default --------------> direct
external ip mask ------------->translated

should this work? what i am trying to avoid is having to go to each server
and configure an alternate address



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