[THIN] Re: WI 5.2 Slow App Launch

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 09:04:25 +1000


Would you be able to share the script that initiates the IIS warmup?

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 09:52:02 -0400
Subject: [THIN] Re: WI 5.2 Slow App Launch
From: hboogz@xxxxxxxxx
To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks everyone for your replies.  Between your suggestions, the below KB and a 
small script i wrote to initiate a "warm-up" of the WI site after the IIS app 
pool recycle period, response times are even faster.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 4:57 AM, Andrew Wood <andrew.wood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

Yes – XML servers. 


Essentially, its related to the suggestion that Jim posted –
where he’s modifying the local hosts file to improve performance. That suggests
some name lookup not working properly. Obviously you can ‘fix’ it be modifying
your hosts files – but possibly take a step back and look at why that name
resolution is taking some time - 

Maybe get a copy of wireshark and take a looksee at what’s going



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Subject: [THIN] Re: WI 5.2 Slow App Launch


Is that for the XML servers Andrew? Does this have anything to
do with the DNS Suffix Search Order? I’ve not experienced the slow launch issue
on any of my sites, but the answers from you and Jim have me concerned that
I’ve overlooked something.





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Subject: [THIN] Re: WI 5.2 Slow App Launch


In your WI site make sure you’ve got the FQDN of the Citrix
servers specified in the WI configuration 


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Subject: [THIN] WI 5.2 Slow App Launch



WI 5.2

CSG 3.1.3

PS 4.0

Citrix Online Plugin 11.2 and 12

IE 8.0 & FF 3.5.6 

Windows XP SP3

I'm testing a new WI 5.2 setup against a PS 4.0 server and an noticing a much
slower response time when trying to open applications from the WI site.
Specifically, when i click to open an application, the Citrix client takes
about 30-45 seconds to actually launch. is there anything i can do to speed up
the response?  


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