[THIN] Re: WI 4 and SSO w / and w/out

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The documentation for the Java client doesn't (as far as I can see) say
anything about the connection centre in the Configuration UI package. In
fact it seems to indicate that the Connection Centre is one of the key
features of the Java client under seamless support. The implication
being (at least the way I read it) is that if you don't use seamless
windows you don't get the connection centre.

Sort of curious as to why you don't want the connection centre - though
I don't know what it looks like using the Java client.........



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> It's by design... (Don't you just love those excuses, but 
> really it is)


Why would they design it broken?

I'm fairly sure you used to be able to do this with earlier WI versions
and / or NFuse.

> I'm not sure about the Java client, but with 
> the Web/PN client you have to add EnableSSONThruICAFile=Yes 
> to the [WFClient] Section of the user's AppSrv.ini file.  
> This will allow SSON to both the Web Interface portal and the GINA.

It just seems total farce, if you actually have to already push a
client. What's the point of being able to do it dynamically, if you
can't do it all - and I'm sure you could in the past.

I realise there's the external client use to think about - but all the
same, it just seems like a big hole in this approach. I mean you can
have it grab the desktop credentials, but not use them for autologon of
the spawned app, or make them authenticate explicitly again through WI
and have it autologon, but not both. Seems truly daft.

I'm sure I've done this with older versions, the only true reason I
didn't use it in production, being that the target clients were Macs, so
the desktop credentials pass-through wasn't tenable.

Can anybody else confirm that this worked in the past with other
versions? And if so, makes you wonder why not now.

> As far as customizing the Java client,  you should be able to 
> turn off the Connection Center in the Access Suite Console by 
> deselecting the option when you configure client distribution.

The only option I can think of, where I think you mean, being the
Configuration UI package. But I'm pretty sure I've turned that off, and
still get connection centre.




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