[THIN] WAN Accelerators and WAN Accelerators with CItrix

  • From: "Steve Parr" <SParr@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 12:28:44 -0400

Is anyone familiar with WAN Accelerators? One of our network engineers
is going to begin testing this out. We have offices in North America and
overseas in Europe. I can understand why he would want to use something
like this. However because we already use Citrix for most of our
overseas remote access I am doubting if perhaps the 2 technologies will
play together nicely or at all and perhaps even confilct. If ICA packets
are already wrapped, efficient and without real data being passed across
the WAN because only mouse and key strokes as well as screenupdates are
being passed I don't see how a WAN accelerator will do much for us.
There may be some need to directly access intranet or some direct file
access outside of Citrix in which case the WAN Accelerator concept would
make sense via the specialized caching of data being employed by this
new technology. How have people found the performance of WAN
Accelerators as well as stability and other issues that may be occuring?
And will there be issues for ICA packets being "accelerated" or as with
packetshaping would special priorities and exceptions have to be made? 

Steve Parr
Systems Analyst

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