[THIN] Vizioncore, Inc. Introduces New esxBasics for ESX Server Free Bundled Solution

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Great new FREE tool from Vizioncore!
  vizioncore, Inc. Introduces New esxBasics for ESX Server 
  Free Bundled Solution Set Offers Management of 
  Entry to Enterprise Level Virtual Machines 
  Buffalo Grove, Illinois?April 17, 2006?vizioncore, Inc., the leader in 
backup, restoration, and disaster recovery automation for the VMware ESX 
Server®, announced today the release of its free esxBasics? starter pack for 
ESX Server. esxBasics offers entry to enterprise-level users a completely free 
tool for backups and monitoring of ESX Server virtual environments. By 
providing the no cost starter pack, esxBasics will ease the migration to ESX 
Server while increasing the reliability and customer confidence in the 
  Including free basic versions of both vizioncore?s flagship esxRanger? and 
esxCharter?, esxBasics provides a range of dynamic backup and monitoring tools 
for the ESX Server environment. vizioncore's esxBasics also enables ESX Server 
administrators to sample vizioncore?s industry-leading applications for 
non-mission critical applications. As esxBasics users move toward making 
virtualization a strategic core platform in their datacenters, upgrading to the 
standard or professional versions of esxRanger and esxCharter products grant 
users access to a larger feature set, product updates, and technical 
support?all without switching from the products they?ve come to rely on. 
  Features of vizioncore?s esxBasics include: 
   ? esxRanger provides full image backup protection (without interfering with 
ongoing server operations), full restore capabilities and a centralized Windows 
interface. esxRanger also enables Windows scheduler support in the GUI, 
allowing users to schedule esxRanger to perform online dynamic backups of guest 
operating systems on the VMware ESX Server.   
   ? esxCharter provides real-time ESX Server monitoring, enabling ESX 
administrators to monitor in real-time how much of the CPU the VM occupies, as 
well as how much memory is being used on an active, swapped, or shared basis. 
esxCharter also offers the ?At-a-Glance? view, providing a real-time snapshot 
of the current performance and specifications of the user?s VM Server?including 
important service console information.   

  "vizioncore?s esxBasics offers a perfect management foundation for 
administrators operating in virtual environments," said David Bieneman, CEO of 
vizioncore, Inc. "esxBasics provides important management and monitoring for 
non-critical VMs and does so at absolutely no cost. The vizioncore esxBasics 
bundle is designed to allow administrators to ?test drive? vizioncore?s 
fundamental virtualization solutions or use them in full production with no 
strings attached, equipping them with the basic tools needed to operate in 
today?s VMware environment. We believe serious virtualization 
  PRESS CONTACT Sarah Ryser S&S Public Relations 847-415-9318 sryser@xxxxxxxx 
  users will start their ESX Server pilot programs with esxBasics and then 
graduate through our standard and professional product offerings." 
  Additional information about the vizioncore esxBasics, additional products, 
or about vizioncore itself can be found online at www.vizioncore.com. 
  About vizioncore Inc. 
  Founded in 2002, vizioncore is an innovative producer of dynamic backup, 
change control archival, and disaster recovery software applications for 
VMware® ESX Server® users. The creator of the first commercially-available hot 
backup disaster recovery tool for VMware® ESX Server, vizioncore?s engineering 
team develops a number of advanced software tools that help end-users manage 
VMware®. Vizioncore?s products are available through the VMware® distribution 
and reseller channel. Additional information about vizioncore and its products 
can be found at www.vizioncore.com or by contacting sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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