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  From: Roger Riggins 
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  Subject: [THIN] Re: Virus protection

  Yeah, you can keep your Kia. I'll stick to Ford and Chevy. J





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  Absolutely there is a difference. I had a client who was running Symantec 
Corporate and experiencing odd behavior on his network. I told him it sounded 
like a virus and he assured me his AV software was up to date. I set him up 
with a 30 day demo of Sophos and upon scanning his network drives he found 
viruses in the first folder it scanned. Viruses that Symantec had missed. It 
was the easiest sale I ever made. 


  Don't just take my word for it. Here is an independent test comparing Sophos 
to the majors:





  From: Roger Riggins [mailto:roger.riggins@xxxxxxxxxx] 
  Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 11:28 AM
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  Subject: [THIN] Re: Virus protection

  It's the difference between a Ford and a Chevy. Everyone is going to have 
different experiences with the products in their environment. 


  Personally, if I was trying to decide between AV apps I'd stick to the 
biggest. McAfee and Symantec. For what it's worth, I used many products when I 
was a consultant and found Symantec to have the best product. Like I said 
though. Ford and Chevy. It's whatever works for you.





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  Subject: [THIN] Virus protection


  A little off subject but.. I'm currently using McAfee for my domain and users 
virus protection and now someone is telling me Sophos is better. Anyone here 
use Sophos and can make an argument for either McAfee or Sophos? I like McAfee 
but maybe its not the best.




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