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It really depends on resource utilization. My rule of thumb is if CPU is over 35%, memory over 50% and context switching is over 40k on a 4 proc (2 dual cores or 2 quad core or 4 single core processors) server with 8 gb of ram on 32 bit OS virtualizing wouldn't be a good idea

This also depends on the goal you have for virtualiZing. If you need to get rid of physical hardware and don't mind supporting more VM instance(and the os costs) then it may be for you.

We moved all infrasture servers (data coll, wi, data stores, XML brokers) to vm and that worked out reaally well. We also moved dev and qa/uat Citrix envirn to VM as well (low resource and user counts)

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We're mainly interested in reducing Server footprint. However, we're also interested in disaster recovery capabilities (Vmotion, etc). It'd also be great to build test servers on Virtual servers for testing new applications. On this particular farm, I have 7 PS 4.5 servers with about 30 users each.

Hector Minero

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It depends. What kind of workloads are the Citrix server performing? What are your goals for moving to a virtual environment (what do you hope to achieve?)


Most, if not all, of our new consulting projects all run on XenServer or VMware.

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Hi all,
My boss would like to explore the idea of converting all our Citrix PS 4.5 (Windows 2003) servers to Virtual Servers (VMWare).

Now, I know VMWare is great, but I'm a little concerned about moving all the Citrix servers to VMWare.
I was wondering if anyone out there is already doing this.

I prefer the idea of moving some Citrix servers to VMWare, but not all.

Does anyone have see any problems with this besides the obvious hardware failures?

Hector Minero

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