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Set the Administrator and the groups you do not wish the GPO to Apply to
deny under the security properties of the GPO.





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I should know this, I admit but when setting these Group Policies, how can I
exclude the admin account or any other account. I'm setting the policy so
the users can't see the A,C,D drives but I still want the Admin to see them.





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A couple of notes... I'm going to assume your on 2k or 2003 with group


1.       There is a group policy that will let you hide server drives as
well as prevent access to them.  

2.       Remove all of the new document types from the default user template
directory to keep users from right clicking and creating new document types.

3.       That leads to this one which is again removing the ability to save
/ run things from the desktop.  Given traditional group policy options there
is nothing to prevent a user from saving a txt file to the desktop per say
and then renaming it to a cmd script and running it.  You are able to bypass
command prompt restrictions etc that way.  There is however a group policy
option to disable content menus in explorer.  I am pretty sure there is a
way with software restrictions under group policy to prohibit .cmd scripts
from running from locations other than those you specify though.

4.       If you remove the run command from the start menu you may notice
some oddities with IE where a user types in "http://URL";  vs "URL" (or other
way around) and receives an error message.  I haven't tested this yet to see
if things changed in 2K3.  There was no work around last I knew.

5.       I personally redirect all of the user's profile parts to UNC
shares... their desktop, start menu, etc.  This allows for fewer problems
when roaming and if the user for example has a file they save to their
desktop on their "desktop connection" it still allows for it to be available
if they have a published app open on another server.  


There were my quick thoughts.  I've always tried to push users more and more
and more towards published apps mostly to help with load balancing but it
also really helps with the security concerns.


- John.


John Hardwick


nXio, LLC.

913-754-8120 x125

www.nxio.net <http://www.nxio.net> 


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I normally give my users applications to work with in Citrix and NOT the
entire desktop since we only use Citrix for a couple of applications across
a frame relay circuit, works great. But..... we are spreading our wings. I
have installed a frame relay circuit to the UK and now trusting domains. Now
I think I've decided to let my new users have a desktop. In the past on this
list, I've noticed a lot of conversation about what to let users
see/have/use on desktops and I usually disregard these conversations since
they really didn't apply to me but now they do.

Finally my questions:

1.                          in windows explorer, I want the users to see the
mapped drives and their C$ drives but not the physical drives of server. How
can I make this happen if possible?

2.                          What do I need to change/add to each desktop?
Things that may have bitten you already and would recommend me changing or



Nick Robinson



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