[THIN] Re: Using 2003 Enterprise and Citrix PS4?

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 13:14:36 -0700

Curious,  Why do you need to break the 4 Gig limit on a Citrix Server?  It's
not going to be usable memory unless the application utilized the AWE32
extension.   In addition, you're still limited to 2G of kernel memory with a
finite number of PTEs.   Adding more memory in this case will decrease your
ability to scale.  Of course if you go 64-bit, the limits changes and you
could use Windows Standard instead of Enterprise.





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Is anyone using 2003 Enterprise edition and PS4 Enterprise? (Or any version
of PS4? :) )

We upgraded one of our servers to 2k3 Ent edition a month or so ago, as we
needed to break the 4G RAM limit. Ever since we've been having issues with
that server dropping connections, so took it out the loop to experiment and
play with it. We've rebuilt another server just this week to be enterprise
(also for the extra RAM handling) and have found that this one too is
dropping connections! 

They were both fine running 2003 standard and we're puzzled as to why
Enterprise should start causing trouble. The servers are BL35's: one's a
dual core with 8Gb, the others a dual dual core with 8Gb. We have another
two servers which are similar to the first, but running 2003 standard at the
moment with no issues. 

Anyone experience this before, or have a clue what's going on?


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