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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 13:24:23 -0400

I meant last access time... when the NTUSer.dat file was written...just sort
them by date in explorer.. the other thing that happens is tate orphaned
printers will sometimes remain on the server unless you have a logon script
to clear them out on reboot so you can get an idea of who was logged on by
the left over printers.

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Easiest way is after the reboot go to the profiles directory under winnt if
NT 4 (or documents and settings if W2K) and check the dates and times of the
users profile access.
Usually the latest logon time there is your user who caused the problem.

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I have a crashing Citrix box.  I would like to try and determine which users
are on it whenever it crashes.  I heard there is a way to determine this.
Does anyone know?


Paul Bergson

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