[THIN] Re: Upgrading Citrix MF 1.8

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  • Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:05:21 -0500

LOL send me my $100 consulting fee....

AND BTW there are some pretty inexpensive 3rd party utilities out there
(ThinPrint, EOL, triCerat, Uniprint etc) that can handle specific printing
problems much better anyways if that is all you are worried about.


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Yes.  All version of Terminal Server support Auto-Created printers.  Citrix
just makes things easier to manage when you have multiple servers (Driver
Replication, GUI for Driver Mapping,  Import Network Printers, etc)


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Does Windows 2003 TS provide the Printing support that Citrix does?  I mean,
does TS allow for Auto Created Printers and local printers?

If so, you just saved me a bunch of money :)

> Exactly as Jim said, why do you need Citrix in this case?
> With 2003 you will have at the protocol level the same things as you do
> with ICA (sound, high color, serial port mapping, etc).
> You do NOT load balance.
> You do NOT publish applications.
> You do NOT need the web interface.
> So why Citrix???
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