[THIN] Unattended DriveRemap

  • From: Jeremy Saunders <jeremy.saunders@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 08:28:29 +0800

Hi All,

We have a fully unattended server build process which we use for all our
customers. We try not to build servers manually. Anyway, we always have
trouble making the driveremap.exe process reliable enough. Even with the
newer driveremap executable from PS4. It mostly just hangs after completing
the physical drive remap, but before copying the FixSecurityDatabase.cmd to
%WinDir% and naming it DE45CB9F_0220_442A_9564_D504809A542A.cmd. We are
running it from the RunOnceEX key, but I have also tried it from the
GUIRunOnce. If I run the command manually, it always works without failure.

The command line I'm using is...

S:\Citrix\PS4\DriveRemap.exe /u /drive:U

Note: S: drive is a mapped drive to the software.

To this point, Citrix support has not been a great help, and I was just
wondering if anyone else is or was having the same issues and what they may
have done to address it. Because it's been doing my head in for a couple of
days now.


 Kind regards,

 Jeremy Saunders
 Senior Technical Specialist

 an IBM Australia Company
 formerly known as Logicalis

 Level 2, 1060 Hay Street
 West Perth  WA  6005

 Visit us at

 P:  +61 8 9261 8412            F:  +61 8 9261 8536
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