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  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 01:06:20 +0000

Hi Jeremy,

Can always count on you for the answers :)...we using 2008R2, are these 
hotfixes still relevant?



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Yeah, this is a known issue and sort of documented in the eDocs, but not 
clearly. Two hotfixes are required. Here's my documentation...

:: For Windows 2003 and 2008R1 Citrix recommend installing the following two 
hotfixes mentioned in this
:: security bulletin:
:: One of the recommended hotfixes, KB956572, is already installed as a 
requirement for HDX MediaStream
:: for Flash, so it's only the KB952004 that's really needed. Without them the 
UPM driver may fail to
:: install during an upgrade and you'll get an error in the MSI logs such as 
"Unable to revert to a
:: previous driver store for service 'upmjit'". This will cause a rollback of 
the upgrade process. A
:: rollback in this case is not good, as by this time it has uninstalled the 
previous version too.


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Alan Tropper
Sent: Tuesday, 8 November 2011 8:20 AM
To: 'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: [THIN] UPM4.0 install

Hi All,

I have been having issues with installing profilemanager4.0 x86 on all of our 
citrix servers, the msi package starts to install and then rolls back, I have 
also tried to install 4.0 after removing 3.2 rather then upgrading over the top 
and get the same issues....this worked fine on my test servers so not sure 
whats blocking it....although I do get a signature error from MSI log as below:

DIFXAPP: ERROR:  Signature verification failed while checking integrity of 
driver package 'upmjit.inf' ('C:\Program Files\Citrix\User Profile 
Manager\Driver\upmjit.inf'). (Error code 0xE0000244: The software was tested 
for compliance with Windows Logo requirements on a different version of 
Windows, and may not be compatible with this version.)
DIFXAPP: INFO:   Successfully removed
'{872D572A-FBE9-4546-8E24-654B93E20921}' from reference list of driver store 
entry ''
DIFXAPP: INFO:   RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW  (0xE0000244)
DIFXAPP: ERROR: encountered while installing driver package 'C:\Program 
Files\Citrix\User Profile Manager\Driver\upmjit.inf'
DIFXAPP: ERROR: InstallDriverPackages failed with error 0xE0000244
DIFXAPP: RETURN: InstallDriverPackages() 3758096964 (0xE0000244) CustomAction 
MsiInstallDrivers returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% 
accurate if translation happened inside sandbox) Action ended 12:32:08: 
InstallFinalize. Return value 3.
Action 12:32:08: Rollback. Rolling back action:

I have also tried the following with no success either:


Any ideas?



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