[THIN] Re: UNC Blocking with external access only

  • From: "Andrew Wood" <andrew.wood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 11:32:38 +0100

I thought AAC would allow you to do clever checks on the endpoint - I didn't
realise it'd be able to modify functionality within an individual published
The way I was thinking of would be to redirect your users to different
citrix servers based on their source location. The sensitive users would be
directed to servers with an lmhosts file that 'blocked' the UNC by
overriding the source name's IP resolution. 
messy mind.


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The only way that I'm aware of to control that type of access through
Presetnation Server is using AAC.  You can then use the filters within AAC
on your published applications.

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On 9/6/06, BRUTON, Malcolm, GBM <Malcolm.BRUTON@xxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I asumme this is if you are publishing folders on Juniper?  We publish
Citrix apps on Juniper only....So the control really needs to be within the
citrix session.  
Further ideas?

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Subject: [THIN] Re: UNC Blocking with external access only

A Juniper device'll let you do it as well won't it? You can allow unc access
and then define roles that would allow access to those resources. You could
either allow full network browse access - or publish the folder themselves


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Subject: [THIN] UNC Blocking with external access only

We are after a product that will allow us block sensitive unc's for users.
This of course needs to differ depending on if the user is internal or
When they are external they connect to Citrix via Juniper.  When they are
internal they use either normal desktops or Citrix.
I believe by using CAG with AAC we can do this. 
Can anybody suggest any other software\hardware\methods that we could to
achieve this?

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