[THIN] Re: Tmp File creation size in Citrix Application Servers

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I may be wrong on this, but I thought that the temp files created are
always so small in size that it shouldn't matter.  They would never be
larger than the size of the original document themselves.  For example,
I just opened a 24k text document and a 1k temp file was created.



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I have 10 Citrix Terminal Servers and MSWord is published in Citrix
Metframe XPe . I have 10 concurrent users per server also.



Normally when a user creates /opens an existing word(.doc) document a
set of temporary files gets created in the C:\Documents & Settings\
%username%\local settings\Temp\

Folder. If 10 concurrent users use the MSword there should be a
bottleneck of space in the C:\ Drive 


Anybody can give an idea what would be the maximum size of the .tmp file
creation by MSword / windows 2000 server that it supports or is there
any way that we can set through registry or somewhere else?








Nagarajan Haridas




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