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The easy thing I made in this case is to launch your process with low priority.
In this way you could let the process take 100% without impact all process
because they have CPU priority. 
to lauch it with low priority simply start it with at a command eprompte or
with a cmd file 
start /<priority> <program> 
 How to Alter a Program's Base Priority at a Command Prompt

|   |
|   |   |   |   |   |
| How to Alter a Program's Base Priority at a Command PromptBy default, the
Windows NT Thread Scheduler service assigns processor timeto a thread according
to the priority level that is coded in the program. |
| |
| Afficher sur support.microsoft.com | Aperçu par Yahoo |
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Julien Sybille

Le Lundi 20 avril 2015 12h41, Andrew Wood <andrew.wood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a
écrit :

I've used Relevos - it is inexpensive and comes with a bunch of other
features. Bear in mind there are free community tools available too - Andy
Morgan's Threadlocker for example
On 14 April 2015 at 13:04, Jim Kenzig <jkenzig@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Ang,Hope you are well! You can check out WMsoftware's Relevos product. 
http://www.wmsoftware.com/for-remote-desktop-servers/relevos I highly recommend
it, It has many additional features and performance tuning then most of the
ones out there that do throttling AND is much less expensive. I personally know
the developers and have worked with them for many years. ProfileJet, their
program to keep profiles clean is another item in their repertoire that they
created for an idea I had.  Great stuff and worth testing out on your
system.Have a wonderful day,Jim Kenzighttp://www.kenzig.comjkenzig@xxxxxxxxx

On Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Angela <angela_smith9@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Does anyone know of any tools that will throttle CPU if process gets to a
certain percent?  I know Appsense will do it but hoping to find some
alternative products that are cheaper.  Some processes we run  are basically
sending CPU to 100% so need to cap it..



Andrew  Gilwood CSSunderland, UK

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