[THIN] Re: The ideal hardware?

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I'm curious, can you expand on the Supercache II band aid for I/O
comment?  Our farm is currently 1 bladecenter with a McData FC switch
module and a Cisco Ethernet Module, using 14 HS20s, boot from SAN.  Each
blade is beefed up with the 4gig and dual CPU.  I have not seen any type
of I/O issues and am looking at expanding due to 2 upcoming projects.
The current plans are an additional 56 blades.


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I apologize for the vague post. I can not stand it when other people do
that as well.


We have the potential for almost 6k users. We have 80 different business
units with there own cultures and home grown/specialized vendor
applications. We currently run around four departments with around 33
IBM HS20s 8832s ( with Supercache II to band aid the I/O issues - thus
why I am not a blade fan right now or really an IBM fan.). 


We run MSP 4.0, w2k. Going forward we will utilize W2k3 instead.


I guess what I am wondering exactly is what is the best? The sales guys
and web sites are not trustworthy. The people from this site are in the
trenches and if they run 1U servers and have a good experience with them
I would like to know.


I just hit the big three and I see they are offering the following for
Terminal service solutions:


IBM X Series 335

HP Proliant DL 360 G5 server series

Dell power edge 1950




Mark Holley








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It all depends on your solutions's requirement.  What applications are
you delivering?  Is 64-bit feasable?  How many users?  How many servers
(approximately)?  Are there any Datacenter restrictions, such as power,
cooling, floor space? What vendor does the company currently use? (Mixed
shops exists, but are rare)  Lately,  I've been impressed with the
latest dual-core 2850s from a perfomance stand-point.  Also the HP
Opteron blade (except for the SAS controllers) 


On 8/31/06, Holley, Mark <Holley@xxxxxxx> wrote:

After reading through the thread on the blades and having some
experience with blades I would say it was concluded that 1U servers were
determined as still the standard for stability and good performance.  My
question at this point is what would be considered the absolute best
server hardware platform for Citrix? I used to use DL380s a few years
back and they were rock solid.






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