[THIN] Re: Termsrv.exe Problem

  • From: Charlie Fraser <fraserc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Pfeifer, Bruce A MSER:EX" <Bruce.A.Pfeifer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 19:58:03 -0500

Doug, We are going to attempt to initiate the problem in our production 
enviroment on Tuesday and get userdumps for Citrix. I will be happy to 
share any and all information on this problem with you.


Pfeifer, Bruce A MSER:EX wrote:

>We are having termsrv.exe problems that appear to have started after
>installing W2k SP3.  it is only happening on our Production servers and I
>have not been able to trace the events that initiate it.
>It starts with a memory access violation error with termsrv.exe, then
>termsrv consumes a steady 20% of our quad Zeon processors and the context
>switches race at a steady 120,000 per second.
>this then hangs IMA and users then cannot log into that server.  We have
>calls open with Citrix and Microsoft of which neither have been able to come
>up with a cause or resolution.
>I'll try wshadow to see if it will initiate the problem in our environment.
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>Subject: [THIN] Termsrv.exe Problem
>Folks, I am having a rather strange problem on my XP FR2 farm. If you 
>are running wshadow and you propogate users the process hangs. But, not 
>only that termsrv.exe spikes the processors at up 80% and no one can 
>connect via ICA or RDP and you have to get the users to log off to 
>reboot the server. I am working with Citrix support on this but they are 
>waiting for another Dr Watson dump. Has anyone experienced this??????? I 
>can reproduce the problem but only during production hours and with a 
>server that has production operations on it. My helpdesk gets testy when 
>I do that so they have me waiting to try and crash it. I do get 
>occasional Dr Watson errors concening Netscape but I do not think that's 
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