[THIN] Re: Terminal Services causing machines to reboot.....

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 14:46:17 +0100



A few weeks ago I had the same problem, It was caused by a virus
(Netdcb.exe or something like that) that is not terminal server aware.
At the moment the session was build the virus hooked in and crashed the
server. The server crashed when Ts or citrix sessions where created.

You should look in the startup folder or the run registry key's for
suspicious entries.




Lode Rammelaere



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I need some help and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this one.


We have had one of our servers start acting up last week. 


EVERY time someone tries to connect to it via TS or Citrix it does a
dirty shutdown and reboots - basically as soon as they try to connect
(i.e. they don't even get the login screen).


Stopping the Terminal Services service prevents the reboots, but makes
it useless as a Terminal Server (obviously!)


We restored the Registry and System files from backup and it was fine
for another 4 days when it started doing it again - same problem - same


I can't see any obvious registry changes (we did a "before and after"
comparison) and the event logs show nothing other than the server
recovering from an unexpected shutdown.



The box has previously been running for 18 months without a problem, and
there are no changes that I am aware of that we have made to it.


Server is a HP DL380 running Win2K/SP3 + Metaframe XP FR3



I'm going to upgrade from W2K SP3 to SP4, but does anybody have any
other suggestions as to what might be causing it.






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