[THIN] Re: Terminal Server License question - Domain function level impact

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If you are deploying Windows 2003 Terminal servers then you can have any 
Windows 2003 server run your license server.  Just point your Terminal servers 
to the Windows 2003 server for their licenses, then it doesn't matter what DFL 
you are at.


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Hi guys,

First post to the thin lists so go easy on me! :)

Have a question regards issuing TS licenses and the impact of the DFL of the 

Currently our domain functional level is at Windows 2000 Native. All our TS 
servers are 2000 and clients are a mix of 2000 and XP.

It's looks as though we're going to be forced to deploy some 2003 TS servers in 
the near future so I'm looking at what we'll need to do in order to issue 2003 
TSCALs? I'm assuming that the TS License server will have to be server 2003 but 
I'm not sure if the fact that we run a 2000 native DFL will make any difference?

In short, can we issue Server 2003 TSCALs from a domain with a functional level 
of Windows 2000 Native or would be have to deploy a 2003 DC and upgrade it to 
2003 interim DFL first?

Many thanks



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