[THIN] Technical question about SAL implementation

  • From: "Bokhoven van, Bart" <Bart.van.Bokhoven@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 11:57:58 +0100


At this moment our company is hosting a few windows applications over the
internet by using Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services, Citrix Secure
Gateway and Citrix Metaframe XP. 

Because the TSCAL License is a per seat license and our external customers
have to be able to log on to our system from any client anywhere. Microsoft
has advised us to use the SPLA agreement program. In conjunction with the
SAL Licenses we can authenticate named user and allocate a license to this
named user instead of allocating a TSCAL to the client.  

Now I have two technical questions: 

In the current situation we have a farm with 6 W2K servers pointing 
to the DC with the terminal service licensing service. The license server
has 1500 TSCAL's loaded. What do I have to do to active the SAL Licenses. Is
this done on the license server or the Terminal Servers. 

Is it possible to deliver applications to external users (SAL's) and
internal users (TSCAL's) using the same servers. 

Kind regards, 

Bart van Bokhoven

Profinity ICT Groep B.V.
Trasmolenlaan 5c
3447 GZ Woerden
The Netherlands

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