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Actually, Yes, you can go sailing in the winter.    We have an many lakes
out here and a completely artificial one in Tempe (right next to Phoenix).


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Thanks Michael,

I've see the ACLs issue at three different customers in the last couple of
years so it's very familiar. You don't always lose your security
descriptors, just often enough to make things exciting. And the "neat"
thing about broken security descriptors is how they make just one part of
the file system slow which makes it really fun to find out what's broken.
Imagine just a subset of your users that are compalining that things are

If you're looking at a truly scalable file server then have a good hard
look at PolyServe. Their active-active many times clustering absolutely
blows Microsoft clusters out of the water and may end up being the standard
for large farms. As long as Microsoft don't buy them first.

I haven't been to Pittsburgh or Phoenix though. Are they close to the beach
and can I go sailing in the winter ? ;-)



On 1/11/07, Michael Pardee <pardeemp.list@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Reading the section on file serving it's like you worked here for the
  last couple of years.  We redirect Favorites, Desktop, My Documents, and
  App Data and we have gone through everything you mention below and made
  all of the same tuning tweaks, etc.  Even the chkdsk where we lost all of
  the ACLs, had to make it everyone change (maybe full) to keep production
  running, and then working hours and hours to fix it.  Compression was
  also a huge performance killer as admins would use it to address free
  space issues.  The problem escalated as the disks got too full and the
  defragmenting process became useless.  Adding/expanding LUNs,
  uncompressing disks, and defragging had a huge affect on performance.
  Backups that took 26 hours to complete for a single LUN now take 15
  hours.  Since we use Windows clustering I believe there is even a bit
  more tuning that had to be done and it took us many, many calls with
  Microsoft to get it all ironed out.

  The hyperthreading comment is something that I will take back for
  investigation as well as applying the security via policy instead of the
  file level to address exactly what we saw with chkdsk.  We are currently
  redesigning our back end file serving to use DFS and Windows2003 x64.
  I'm anxious to see how it works out.

  All great suggestions Rick.  I have openings in Pittsburgh and Phoenix,
  just tell me when to have your office ready. ;p

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