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            I?ve been having disconnections problems with my Terminal Server
for the past few weeks and I?m not sure what?s causing it.  There is nothing
in the event log.  However, I did a search on thethin.net and I came up with
this: http://www.thethin.net/archive3.cfm?id=25993.

            However, the messages don?t state how much the
TcpMaxDataRetransmissions and the KeepAliveInterval Registry values should
be increased.  They default to 5 and 1000 respectively.  I increased them to
10 and 2000, but I still having those disconnections problems.

            Can someone please give me an idea what these values should be?
I don?t want to screw up the server by increasing them beyond what they
should be.  Also, I?m on the right track here?  Thanks.

Dean Theophilou
Network Administrator

P.S.  I?m using Windows 2000 SP-3, but not Citrix.  Thanks again.

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