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  • From: Andy Cave <Andy.Cave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 16:47:35 -0000

Hi all

I have a client who are in the classic situation of having installed Win2K
Server with SP2 and no post SP2 hotfixes.  Licenses are now issued to
machines that no longer exist or connect to the Terminal Servers.  He wants
to retrieve these licenses but obviuosly cannot due to the absence of the
post SP2 Terminal Server License hot fixes.

I have suggested the following procedure which I believe to be correct:

Install hotfixes on the Citrix servers and the server hosting the Terminal
Server Licensing Service.  Then get all their TS CALs reissued by the
Microsoft Clearing House.  Then subsequently TS CALs will get returned to
the pool if unused between 45-89 days (approx).

My question is has anybody actually followed this procedure and did it work
successfully, were any issues encountered?

There a couple of things that particularly concern me:

1.  We will have to follow the procedure listed in Q248430 "How to transfer
TSCAL from One Computer to Another" and delete the relevant reg key in order
for the clients to grab one of the new TS CALs.  They have hundreds of users
and this would be a nightmare.  Can anybody confirm whether this has to be
done or not.

2. Some of the Clients are Macs.  Will these grab a new license OK? Does
anybody have any experience of re-issuing TS CALs to Macs.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Many thanks

Andy C.

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