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Could very well be that the viewer is trying to save the tiff in a temporary
location and the users do not have access to that location thus it won't
open.  Regmon and filemon from sysinternals should help you sort that out.

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Hi gang,

I have an internal 32-bit application that does not display TIF images for
some users.  It does not seem to matter what IE browser there using or what
OS there are on.  I have thought I fixed the problem by deleting their User
Profiles and Home directory folders and recreating their roaming profile but
that doesn't work 100% of the time.  Does anyone know if some sort of
association on the Metaframe servers that is needed for TIF documents?  We
are running on a Win2k sp2 server with MetaFrame XPe FR1.  We use ICA client
6.31.1031 and NFuse 1.71.

Any ideas?

Jay C. Jensen
Field Systems - La Crosse
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