[THIN] Re: [THIN] Users being dropped, but can’t reconnect.

  • From: Jan <tinybeetle@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 13:56:12 -0500

Try the Terminal Server setting for allow only one session. This the
Microsoft one, not the citrix one.

This setting got me once.

On 11/19/10, Brent Strignano <brent@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I’m having a strange problem on our XA5 servers. When a user gets
> disconnected form the server and they try to get reconnected, the server
> reports:
> You have exceeded your concurrent connection limit.
> When we check in Access Management Console the user is not listed. If we
> check in Task Manager the user is there in a disconnected state.
> The user cannot reestablish a connection to save their work. We have to log
> them off in Task manager and they have to start over.
> This happens with both internal users (not very often) and Internet
> connected users over Web Interface (Much more often).
> I don’t remember this happening when we were on PS4.5 Windows 2003.
> The Servers are XenApp 5 Windows 2008 32 bit with these CTX hotfixes:
> 5, 17, 18, 46, 49, 50, 56, 58
> Windows updates are current.
> Farm Settings:
> Maximum connections per user is set to 1
> Session Reliability is set to off.
> Auto Client Reconnect is set to Automatic.
> ICA Keep-Alive is set to 60 seconds.
> No Citrix policies are over riding the farm settings.
> GPO Settings:
> Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session
> Host/Session Time Limits
> Set time limit for active but idle Remote Desktop Services sessions: Enabled
> Idle session limit: 2 hours
> Set time limit for disconnected sessions: Enabled
> End a disconnected session 30 minutes.
> I’m not really sure where to start troubleshooting this or what settings may
> be wrong.
> Thanks,
> Brent
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