[THIN] Re: Systrack - Special Offer

  • From: "JJ McGrath" <jmcgrath@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 09:49:53 -0500

FYI...I have been talking w/ Carrie about this offer and she said that =
Lakeside will more than likely pull this off the market due to a lack of =
interest.  If anyone if interested in this product, better get it here =
shortly (of maybe if we generate enough business, Lakeside will keep this =
product around).=20


>>> "Armstrong, Robert" <robert.armstrong@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 02/11 10:41 AM =
I wanted to let everyone know that I have voiced my opinion to Lakeside
Software about the pricing of it's Systrack Product.  I have been =
in Systrack and many of the features it offers, but have been unable to
justify the $1100 per TS/Citrix server licensing fee.  Yesterday, I was
contacted by Carrie Peiffer, my Lakeside Software account manager and I
explained to her that I believe that a scaled down version of the Systrack
Software specifically targeted at Citrix Admins and priced appropriately,
may allow Citrix Admins, (especially those who operate on severely limited
budgets) to introduce Systrack into their environments and begin to enjoy
some of the benefits of this software.  Carrie took my suggestions to her
manager and worked late into the evening last night and developed a =
to release a new version of the Systrack product.  The proposed product =
be called the Systrack Performance Management Package for Citrix
Administrators and would cost $500 per server.  This is a $600 savings =
the full blown product.  Basically, this version would remove all of the
Application level monitoring and data collection.  Please review the
attached document and contact Carrie Peiffer if you would be interrested =
licensing this new product offering.  Carrie would also like to hear your
opinions/suggestions regarding Citrix monitoring and reporting.
Carrie Peiffer
Account Manager
Lakeside Software, Inc.
 <mailto:Carrie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Carrie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=20
I have an MS Word document describing the new product.  If you would like =
copy, please let me know and I will forward to document to you.
Robert Armstrong
IT Manager

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