[THIN] Re: System Back-up solution.

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Why not use an RDX based solution rather than tapes?  (Basically RDX drives
are ruggedized external hard drives that fit in a drive like a tape drive.
I have a couple of customers who decided to go with these rather than tapes
when they bought their last backup devices, and they love them.  






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I think that is a bad idea.  In the end you still need tapes. I would look
at a dedupe unit.  It saves the files to a disk for quick restore, but also
allows you to back the files up to a tape.  Something like the HP dedupe
unit here is what we are probably going to go with. 




Jim Kenzig 

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 1:24 PM, Doug Rooney <Doug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Greetings all.

We currently have DLT VS1 tape back-up as well as USB 2.0 connected external

We are using Backup Exec for the tapes and custom batch programs for the
external drives, which by the way are connected on a separate back-up

Our tapes are old and have many failures, upper management has decided to
abandon tapes and go only with external drives.

My question is, has anyone done this? What software do you use, Pros / Cons.

The problem I am experiencing now is in order to back-up the data bases, I
need to take them off-line.

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

(Exchange 2003, Windows 2003(multiple), one set of external drives are 500GB
the other is 250GB)




Thank You 

~Doug Rooney 
Sonoma Tilemakers 
IT Manager 
7750 Bell Rd. 
Windsor Ca, 95492 





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