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  • Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 15:32:30 -0400

Well that's what I thought.  But Sun is in here claiming "This can
replace Citrix".


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        As far as I can tell - its not 'Citrix' as a direct comparison
is it? It offers a slightly different architecture and I'd suggest is
aimed at a semgent of the citrix market rather than a direct competitor.
        SGD allows you to federate your applications from the back end
and present them to the user's java based client via a single protocol
(AIP) - this does seem the same as Citrix with say ICA and web
interface. But, AIP runs from the client to the sgd server(s) - the sgd
server(s) act as a client for the backend session (be that ica/rdp/x11)
        So instead of combining the citrix/windows terminal server on
the same hardware (like citrix does), potentially you not only introduce
the SGD software, but you have to have separate hardware to run it on.
        When I've read through the documentation I saw the architecture
more like that of, say, a secure gateway server - in that it took
session protocols from the internal network, and allowed them to be
published to the clients securely via a different protocol. 
        I saw it more useful for an environment that might have a mix of
protocols (such as x11/rdp) and wanted to provide a single interface and
management structure for access to that. So - if i was deploying Citrix
to allow my linux/unix environment access to windows based servers via
ICA, SGD could be an alternative. However, for a pure windows enviroment
it would adding a level of complexity (due to the extra
hardware/different OS) that wouldn't come from a
citrix/provisionnetworks type solution.
        I've only just started to look at this - I'd be grateful if
someone else has looked and has any feedback on this as well.

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        Has anyone done a comparison of this with Citrix?

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