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Thanks for this

We've had a rock stable 2000 build with SP4 for so long and 2003 SP1 is
nothing but rubbish.  Interesting to see that most of the stability
fixes apply to both SP1 and SP2 for 2003.

We were using 7.7 PSP and getting stop 0x50s hence looking at going to
7.9  We are also getting stop AB and stop 9c errors.  The 9C is a
storport issue and the AB is a win32k.sys issue.

We have multiple SCSI/SAS drivers present on all servers because we use
one unattended file to build all servers.  This means all the drivers we
choose to install are on the server regardless of which hardware is

We don't release the full HP PSP's just the particular drivers we need.
The problem is trying to update a driver once the box is built using say
ver 7.7  is not possible using the softpaqs to upgrade all drivers to
7.9 unless the hardware is also present.

We can fix this going forward by rebuilding 30 odd servers using 7.9
drivers in the build but would rather just update the servers with 7.7
on them instead.

We use Altiris to build servers/patch/update and do firmware. (no Manual
intervention is great!)  We don't deploy the entire PSP as it contains
too much rubbish that isn't needed.

Aware that we can log call with HP but it always takes an age.


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On 8/3/07, Malcolm Bruton <malcolm.bruton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We run HP DL360 G3, G3 and HP DL385 G1, G2 models
Good. Sensible hardware.

> We have seen a problem with our Windows 2003 SP1 build where boxes are
> stopping with 0x50 stop codes.

Known issues at the moment. You may well be getting other stop codes
as well if you are suffering from the StorPort issue.
I /think/ it only starts once you start getting into newer
StorPort.sys versions and newer HP drivers (from Proliant Support Pack
7.80 or later)

> MS say to update to latest storport.sys (KB939315) file as well as
update HP
> drivers to post 7.8 PSP (we are going to try the 7.9).

Indeed. PSP 7.80 requires the new Storport to function correctly under
certain circumstances / systems, and vice versa.
However, PSP7.80 is a bit on the buggy side, and PSP7.90 is probably a
better option.

> They say it is caused by hpcisss2.sys which is the SAS/SATA driver
form the
> DL385 G2 model.

It may be caused by other drivers as well (I'd have to plough through
some docs. to check)

> This is on servers that have this driver installed but
> actually have no SAS devices in them Eg that driver should not be in

In use or not, if the PSP detects the HW, it will install the driver.

> We use Altiris to build our server so we actually have all drivers
> might be required across out entire range installed on the servers.

Not being overly familiar with Altiris...
Can you deploy the PSP as a package?
Can you use it to remote deploy the latest firmware as well?

> So couple of questions.
> Has anyone seen this?


> Ideas how to update driver if the physical hardware is not present

EZ way is don't. You just execute the PSP, and it will detect what
needs to be installed and install it.

> The HP drivers will not let you
> update themselves if the hardware is not present.

Indeed, and there's no need to override this behaviour.

> We are thinking about
> just copying the .sys file onto the server to update this

No - don't.

> but would prefer an HP supported method.

Ask HP. IIRC, you can use HP Systems Insight Manager (or something
similar) to distribute Firmware and Driver updates to all HP servers
as they are required.
Actually implementing that would require some serious RTFM time
though, or possibly some consultancy from HP.

> Anyone know of any hidden switches on the HP drivers?

Nothing's hidden - it is all documented somewhere.

> Any other ideas what we might need to look at for this?

I'd call HP and raise a case. Emphasise the number of servers that are
affected, and ask for it to be given a high priority. Either you'll
get a better answer than I have time to give you, or they will elevate
the case. Once you have the case number, call your HP Technical
Account Manager up and bark at them to chase the case up and make sure
that it is being given the priority it requires.

Your issue is not really how to fix 1 server, rather it's how do you
update your whole server park. It's sort of 1/2 tech support, 1/2

It should get through to someone in HP locally who will be able to
advice and assist, though it may be at a cost, and you may find you
want to revert to RTFM instead.

Tip: Make sure you raise a call under the serial number of a server
that it still in warranty.

> Seem to be we are having several stop errors a week at the moment.


> Thanks
> Malcolm

You're Welcome.
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