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  • From: Ben Pelzer <Ben.Pelzer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 17:04:10 +0200

Hi Jeff,

How is your Client Proxy setting setup?
This is one of the options you can configure on your WI / PNAgent site, default 
setting is "User's browser setting"
You might need to put this on None (just a thought)
You can find this Client Proxy setting in your WI Management Tool within the 
site properties / configuration



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> Subject: [THIN] Squid
> Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 10:57:01 -0400
> From: "Jeff Bolton" <Jeff.Bolton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Our security team installed Symantec's Squid proxy and pushed out a
> mandatory config through GPO on Friday to set auto-detection of proxy
> configuration.
> Today, users are getting the error message "Can't connect to the Citrix
> XenApp server.  Proxy connection failed: the configured proxy server
> refused to establish a connection".  The weird thing is that it is not
> consistent...It works for some users, but others receive this error.
> Our users use the PNAgent to connect to Citrix, but I had some of them
> test with the WI as well and they received the same error.
> The initial connection to the WI seems to be working as the users are
> authenticated;  the error message appears when the client is redirected
> to one of the application servers to launch the app.
> Does the proxy configuration need to be configured on the WI server as
> well as the clients??  Any other ideas where I could begin
> trouble-shooting this problem?
> They have assured me, that all internal IP addresses, non-FQDN URL's and
> basically anything internal has been configured to bypass the squid.
> Cheers
>       Jeff
> Jeff B. Bolton
> Lead System Administrator
> Biovail Corporation

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