[THIN] Re: Some users cannot connect to any apps

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  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 15:17:21 -0400

Thank you, Jim.  None of those items were helpful in this situation.  In
fact, sometimes it doesn't even get to the point of logging in to the PS
server and the error (The citrix server that you have selected is not
accepting connections" has already popped up.  The PS is accepting
connections.  Logon has not been disabled and other users are able to
connect to those same servers without any issues.  the client is able to
ping the servers fine but just can't start an ICA session with them.
Thank you,
Jim Medeiros
Citrix Administrator
GMAC Insurance


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        Verify that each user has FULL control on their Profile AND user
folders.  When new profiles are created the permissions of the folder
are not always set to full.  Also make sure someone did not set a
account expiry on their account for some reason in AD.  It is easy to
miss.  Right click on the user in AD users go to account tab and look at
the bottom and make sure it is set to account never expires. Also check
while you are in there that their account did not get locked out by them
trying to access it to many times. Manually reset their password for
them which will refresh the account in AD and try again.  
        On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 2:31 PM, Medeiros, Jim
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                Here's a fun one.  We have a remote office with 40-45
users.  All but 3 of them can connect to one of our hosted applications.
The 3 are getting the "Cannot Connect to the Citrix Presentation
Server".  We have had them (3 people) try to log on using another
computer and they get the same error.  I have had working people try to
log onto the 3 non-working computers and they do not get the error.  

                Sounds to me like it is something to do with the 3
users.  I have verified their AD access and group membership (matches
one of the working people) and I have deleted their roaming profile in
order to create a new one.  

                The error is indicative of their PC not being able to
connect to the Citrix server.  We have successfully pinged every Citrix
server from their PCs without any issues.  Again, I had other people log
into Citrix on their computers and everything works fine.

                Has anyone every seen anything like this before?  Online
hasn't been helpful so far. 

                Very frustrated, 
                Jim Medeiros 
                Citrix Administrator 
                GMAC Insurance 

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        Jim Kenzig 
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        Citrix Technology Professional
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