[THIN] Solved - Neoware and ICA Connections

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  • Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 08:20:50 -0700

HI All,

Solved the problem this morning.  The event log on the 'bad' server showed
that it could not issue TS licenses.  Going through the typical, 'how does
one get a license' process led me down the road of checking for
restrictions on anonymous connections.  Sure enough, we had locked it down
too tight.

The local policy in question can be found under  Security Options.  Set
"Additional restrictions for anonymous connections" policy to 0 or 1.  1
worked for us.


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HI All,

I am experiencing an odd problem on our Neoware Capio 610 units.  I have a
published desktop load balanced across two servers.  I can never seem to
connect on the first try.  The Neos try to connect and end up back at the
Neo connection manager screen.  Connecting a second time works.  Also, when
I try to connect directly to one of the servers, it fails.  The ICA client
on my pc has no problem connecting either to the published desktop or the

I am thinking that my connections problem are related to a single server.
I have no problem direct connecting to the second server.  I only have
problems with the first (the data collector) and the published desktop.  I
am thinking that when I have problems with the published desktop, it is
really occurring at the first server.

I am using the same ID to connect all server, but it shouldn't matter
because the problem occurs before I receive the logon screen.

W2K SP2 XPe FR2.

Any ideas?

PS_ I am only using the Capio 610 as thin client devices.  All connections
are via PCs.

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