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Provision Networks can do seamless apps fine.  In the last 2 weeks I've come 
across 2 customers using Provision.  You might want to check them out.
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  I would love to know if they will work properly though.
  I dont recall reading any post about seamless apps and other vendors.
  This either suggests there arent many people who use other vendors, these 
vendors have zero issues or Citrix have got things badly 
  wrong compared with other vendors.

  Im not 100% certain how easy it will be for MS. Cant wait to try some borland 
apps, Lotus Notes and a few other choice packages running seamlessly with Vista 

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    A few companies offer seamless Windows now via RDP (Provisional Network, 
Sun's Global Desktop) so my guess this should be real easy for MS.



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    Bit o/t but the Vista comment was interesting. 

    Im itching to see how Microsoft deal with Seamless Apps

    Citrix have been continiously working on such issues for many years now.

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      What about vista makes Citrix irrelevant?  Citrix will be coming out with 
their own version of Softgrid soon (For TS and Fat Clients alike).  This 
includes a better deliver mechanism (AIE had none) for delivering the 


      Also, what is your purpose in virtualizing the applications?  Is it 
because of delivery? Application conflicts?


      Softgrid is the best of breed... And even when Citrix comes out with 
their version, Citrix will have to go through the whole learning curve on what 
it means to isolate the applications.  One of the drawbacks we found with 
Softgrid is it Isolates the application too much and the lack of management 
tools (Managing user profile/cache size is non-existance)  AIE suffers from 
lack of deployment tools as well as the profile issue. It isolates too much in 
some areas and not enough in others.   I like that AIE can redirect, not just 
isolate the files/folders and you can choose to install the application normal 
and run it isolated, or you can install it in an isolated environment.  Which 
were you trying with IM? 


      Either way, prepare get into it pretty deep.  Troubleshooting and 
gettings things working can get pretty technical and required an indepth 
understanding of what softgrid/AIE can/cannot do.


      On 3/8/06, Charles Watts <greg.watts@xxxxxxxx> wrote: 

      We have been evaluating Softricity in our TS environment and basically 
really like the idea of Virtualizing our applications. We have tested about a 
dozen apps and with a little tweaking seem to be working fine. We have looked 
at AIE from Citrix but had a bunch of problems especially coming up with 
packages that would need to be deployed via IM. Plus with Vista we might be 
closer to not using Citrix so we are not leaning towards making Citrix our 
Application Virtualization standard. I just wanted to know before we make the 
final investment with Softricity If anyone else is using it and what have been 
your experiences. Good ? Bad? It sucks? What apps will not work? Best 




      Greg Watts

      GTSI Corp.



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