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  • Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 08:36:50 +0800

Got an update from Citrix on Thursday. The Feature Pack 1 "features", such
as SmartAuditor, are only provided with Platinum licenses.

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That is most likely true for some features, The Feature pack will be
provided with Subscription Advantage, but what you are eligible for depends
on the version you have now. I don’t have all the details yet from CTX, but
they are coming soon….

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As long as you have Platinum licensing – my guess.

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The rumour that I have heard that it will be part of Feature Pack 1 for
Presentation Server 4.5 which should be released within the next month.


On 8/29/07, Rick Mack <ulrich.mack@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Joe,

Sorry about the weird reply, forgot to use gmail and our mail system
stripped out the reply.

SmartAuditor is Citrix' session recording technology. It was called project
Iris and has been around for a couple of years now, waiting for someone to
decide how it's going to be marketted ;-)


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