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  • From: "Jan Homan" <jan@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 23:27:31 +0200

Thanks Stuart.
How does Sharepoint starts up applications ? Via RDP or local on the PC ?
And how do you show the applications to the user, similar as the 
PN/WebInterface of Citrix via published applications ?
And does it support "seamless mode"  ?

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Onderwerp: [THIN] Re: SharePoint Portal Server

I've taken a look at both Sharepoint and MSAM.
Sharepoint looks nicer out the box and integrates well with the MS-Office apps 
and is more of a collaboration tool than MSAM.
MSAM's good point is it's basically just an extension of your current Citrix 
server setup, ie. for a small setup you can have all the components on 1 server 
and you can use Citrix Secure Gateway (Well the logon agent on CSG) to 
authenticate to internal resources and Citrix published applications. You also 
have some limited collaboration functionality.
I would say you need to have developer skills to get either of them to do the 
cooler stuff. Sharepoint uses web parts and MSAM uses content delivery agents, 
you can use the sharepoint web parts with MSAM, so you can probably use the 
CDA's with sharepoint (although I haven't tried it yet.
Overall I think sharepoint is a more mature product, but I guess it depends 
what you are trying to achieve.

[Stuart Souter] 
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I have read some articles/press releases about this solution, in which it 
stated that it is the Citrix Killer solution.
Has anyone any experience with this solution, or even better an comparison with 
Thanks !

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