[THIN] Session Disconnect times

  • From: "Justin Martin" <jmartin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 14:26:26 -0400

When a users session disconnects from a Citrix XP box do their
applications still stay completely active?


Here is my issue.


XP farm load balanced running on Windows 2003.


Each of the 3 XP servers host a gui fron end for a network application
located on a data server on the same physical switch. The application
requires a constant connection to the network share that it is run from.
What seems to be happening is that when a users session disconnects
after the time out the user is able to reconnect and find the
application in the same state it was in when the disconnect happened.
However the application then spits out an error that has lost connection
to the data files - there is a retry or exit button in the application.
Clicking retry a few times re-establishes the connection and the
application resumes without problems.


In a load balanced environment do disconnected sessions move from one
server to another - for example if a user connects to server 1 then
disconnects is it possible that the session will be resumed on server 2
when they try to reconnect? If so that would explain the delay in
re-establishing the connection to the data files for the application.


I have looked into the server auto disconnecting drives and time limits
usually seen with the red x in my computer.


Any thoughts???





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