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XenApp 6 eats through memory like Joe Shonk eats sushi! J





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2x Quad Core is about the minimum you can get (yes there are lower models)
that makes sense. If you go below that then you start screwing with the
memory bus speeds and other memory optimizations.


If memory is your bottleneck, then you should absolutely add more memory.
:o)  XenApp 6 runs on top a 64-bit OS, it eats memory like you wouldn't


On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 3:28 AM, Hamilton, Ronnie <ronnie.hamilton@xxxxxxx>

Just a quick one I need to go out and buy two new servers to house Office
2010 + all our other apps.

We currently get to approx. 20 users per box as we only run 2003 with XenApp

I do plan to move to 2008 R2 XenApp6 sometime next year.

Currently I have a mix of HP DL 360 servers.  Which are quad core x 2

I have two DL 360 G6 servers which I feel are over specked with 4 quad core
processors and 16 Gb ram, again only running 2003 so only using 4GB.

There barely run past 2-3 % under full load.

My question really is:

As I always run out of memory before anything else is there any point paying
for 4 x quad core processors or should 2 be fine.

Keeping in mind that I will try and go 2008 R2 and XenApp 6 next year if all
goes to plan.

I know this is kind of how long is a piece of string question.

But any feedback would be appreciated.

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