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  • Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 08:22:45 -0500

#1 - Joe Shonk doesn't like it (if you can't tell, Joe and I love to pick on
one another)

#2 - Server 2008 equals Vista Server

#3 - XenApp 5 on 2008 does not have the feature set of XenApp 5 on 2003

#4 - I gave up writing my book on it because of all the bugs I found and I
couldn't get Citrix to address the issues


I made it to Chapter 5 in my book and gave up on the product.



Carl Webster

Consultant and Citrix Technology Professional

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Subject: [THIN] Re: Server spec's


OK Carl I'll bite. What is wrong with XA5/2008?  I run this now in
production.  I find it to be stable and performing well.


On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 8:03 AM, <webster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I personally think that XenApp 5 on Server 2008 is the ugly red-headed
step-child of the XenApp family tree.  My apologies to all you good
looking red-headed step-children on the list.


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