[THIN] Re: Server slowing down for about 5-10mins

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  • Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 17:13:10 -0400

These are the scan engine files and can be seen as non-plug and play device
drivers. They reside above the file system recognizer in 2000 and work in
conjunction with the SpntSvc.exe service but are not launched by them. They
hook into the kernel driver so I believe you would need a tool that can look
at what the device drivers are doing, I don't have a tool or know of one to
do so but someone else might.

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Hi Jeff, 

I found it. It was not in the WINNT folder but under C:\Program
File Version 

I also checked with ProcessExplorer v5.23 (a great utility from
www.sysinternals.com, unfortunately we did not know it last autumn when we
had the problems with trendmicro) but could not find a TMFilter.sys beeing
loaded neither by the EarthAgent.exe, TrendVcsAgent.exe nor SpntSvc.exe

In what process context should it be running? Or will it be loaded only on


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> Peter, 
> If you are still running Trend Micro ServerProtect then you 
> have to have a 
> TMFilter.sys. This is one of the drivers that ServerProtect 
> uses. It is not 
> possible for ServerProtect to operate without this file. 
> Since this is a 
> file it would not show in Task Manager you would need other 
> tools to see 
> what resources this driver was using.... 
> Jeff 

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