[THIN] Re: Server Cluster Node shut down procedure

  • From: "Berny Stapleton" <berny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 13:11:40 +0100

Right click on the group or the main item that everything is dependant upon
and click on Take Offline or Offline or similar. That will shutdown the SQL
server on both nodes. The resources will still be assigned to the same node
if you want to bring it back up, but you just do that for each resource
group / clustered service and then drop the nodes.
If you are in an active / active cluster, the groups will fail over but
won't start.
I think you have to have the DS back up in 24 hours if I remember correctly?
Or am I getting confused again?


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I have Citrix Data Store residing on 2 SQL Cluster nodes (Microsoft Server
Cluster). Citrix Data Store resides in SAN volume. I do have a SAN
Maintenance so I need to shutdown the 2 SQL Server nodes. 


Can anybody provide the procedure of shutting down the SQL nodes? Does
Cluster Service need to be stopped prior to shutdown on both the nodes.. Is
there any priority in shutting down both servers? If so while turning on the
2 Servers after maintenance where the Cluster Service needed to be started


Can any one comment on this ..








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