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However, this for apps that are no longer there.  The apps still exist. And
on this server (where they are supposed to be) but are still reading as
"Read only".
I am wondering if my only recourse is to Delete them from the Registry and
then Recreate them


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Try this:

 How to Delete a Published Application on=3D2=
0a MetaFrame 
1.x Server 

Document ID: CTX525721 
Created: May 26, 2000 
Updated: May 21, 2004 
Products: Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for Microsoft NT=3D=
204.0 Server Terminal Server Edition, Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 for Microsoft
Windows 2000     Welcome, Guest   Login    Help   

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  This application note describes how to delete a published application that
no longer exists on any server in the farm and yet remains on the list in
Published Application Manager with a red circle and a line through the
general application icon.
< P>When viewing published applications in Published Application Manager, an
application icon may show a red circle with a line through it over the
general application icon. When viewing the application properties, a button
appears with the statement "Why is this read only?" Clicking this button
reveals the following explanation: "The configuration data for application
<application name> could not be loaded. You will not be able to delete,
change or modify the application." 

The following registry entries reveal that in fact the application does not


(This lists applications for the Windows NT scope.)


(This lists applications for the Citrix Farm scope.)

WARNING: Before performing the actions described below, make  absolutely
certain that this application does not exist on a server that may
temporarily be inactive in the farm.

run qserver /app at the Citrix Server Command

The issue is that the application is being initialized by the ICA Browser
but does not exist as a published application on any server in the farm.

To resolve this issue, run regedt32.exe and select the following registry


Delete the value ManagedAppNames for the published application that no
longer exists in the farm. The application name is removed from the
Published Application List (This lists applications for the Citrix Farm

Delete the value AppNames for the published application tht no longer exists
in the Domain Scope. The application name is removed from the Published
Application List.(This   lists applications for the Windows NT scope)=

Run Qserver /election at the command prompt or stop and restart the ICA
Browser service on each server in the   farm to update the information.

How do I delete a Server from the farm or the entire   Farm I created in
Published Application Manager? 

1. A server should not be removed from a Farm. 

2. A server should change Server Farm membership.

3. Citrix does not provide a supported method 
 either through any user interface or from the registry.=

4. Deleting the farm from the registry can=3D=
20cause undesirable consequences. 

5. Ensure all published applications, domain or farm scope, are removed from
this server within Published Application Manager

6. Run regedt32.exe and select the following registry key:


8. Delete the string under the value of Neighborhood.

9. Restart the ICA Browser Service.

10. If the desired result is to remove more than one  server from the farm,
Repeat steps 5-9 to all servers.
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