[THIN] Re: Sasser patch b0rk me.

  • From: "Nikolic, Aleks" <ANikolic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 14:46:27 +0200

We are having similar issues with our Capio 620's (have about 150). We DON'T
have the Sasser patch installed on that server. (not planning too either)
Our issue is as followes:
A WBT connects to a citrix published desktop without problems. Then the user
starts an app that is published on another server than the published
desktop. WBT tries to connect and *BAM* no error on client side, 1004 error
in the eventlog of the TS.
It happens random, usually when the user logs off, and logs back on, it
works again. But the last few cases I have seen required the WBT to
reboot,cross your fingers, snap your fingers, make a right at the rounabout
and then if we are lucky the problem goes away for that day. 
We had a lot of contact with external support which handed details over to
Neoware. Our external support team received the message from Neoware that we
were not the first one to report these problems.
So maybe the Sasser patch is not the one to blame..?


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Verzonden: donderdag 27 mei 2004 14:55
Aan: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Onderwerp: [THIN] Sasser patch b0rk me.

I've seen some issues posted re: the Sasser patch and Terminal Services

After a client of ours applied the patch, they could no longer connect to
the Terminal Server with a device that did not already have a CAL (not a
cow, like I'm having right now). Seeing the event id "The Terminal Server
could not issue a client license."


I've deleted the Certificate, X509 Certificate, X509 Certificate ID values
in the registry with no go. I've also reinstalled and re-issued licenses for
Terminal Server Licensing. It shows them all as available, and none issued
out. TS License Server & Terminal Server are on the same subnet, and have
connectivity between eachother. Licensing *is* installed on a Windows 2000
DC, and dcdiag brings back no errors. While spending 4 hours on the phone
with Microsoft yesterday, I still haven't gotten the issue resolved... and
we are continuing it today.


Has anybody seen any other possible resolutions other than the two listed


I'm 22 years old, and going gray. Or bald. I'm not sure which one will be
first at this rate. :-)
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