[THIN] Safe fiel uploads

  • From: "Nick Smith" <nick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 11:50:13 +0100

We want to allow some of our users to upload files into our TS
environement from their Thick Client PCs. Some of these will be properly
maintained corporate PCs; some of them will be home PCs probably full of
viruses, spyware, executables and general nastiness.
Our thinking is that we shouldn't just allow them access thorough
standard TS Drive Mapping to their local drives, as they will,
mailiciously or not, upload nasties.
We are therefore planning to develp a small web-based app which will
allow upload otuside the TS session into  a quarantined, safe area (By
http or ftp). We will then scan this safe area for nasties before moving
the files into the user areas.
2 related queries;
1) Is anyone else doing something similar? Does it make sense? Is there
some gaping flaw in the stratgey?
2) Does anyone know of an engine that can scan a file store in this way
for generic 'nasties' - not just for viruses, which is easy, but for
executables(For preference something that doesn't just look at the
'.xxx', but actually analyses the file) , known spyware, etc. We can
probably chain together a script which calls NAV then SpyBot then
AdAware etc, but that feels messy. Any thoughts?
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