[THIN] SQL datastore licensing ... again

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 20:31:17 -0000

In my quest to get an answer to the licensing of the SQL datastore i got an 
official answer from Microsoft UK.

"RE :Your query regaring Microsoft® SQL Server licensing and Citrix DataStore

Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your call regarding Microsoft® SQL Server licensing.
Further to our discussion I can advise that the following websites offer
information on licensing models available to customers and gives a
guideline on which model to choose depending on Business requirements.
For a oneliner in your customers scenario the following extract from the
 last link below should clarify the situation for you:
 "Regardless of how many tiers of hardware or software exist between the
 SQL Server and the client devices that ultimately use its data, services,
or functionality, a CAL is required for each distinct input to the
multiplexing, pooling, or related software or the hardware front end.
Processor licensing will likely be the appropriate licensing option in
these situations, due to its simplicity and affordability."

 For a definitive answer in relation to licensing, as is true for all
Microsoft products, SQL Server use is defined in the End-User Licensing
Agreement (EULA) that accompanies all editions of SQL Server 2000 (or any
previous version). 
The following is another extract from the webiste below that may be
helpful to you:
"Additionally, there is specific language that attempts to clarify the use
of applications that are installed between the end user and the SQL
Server: "'Multiplexing.' Hardware or software that reduces the number of
Devices directly accessing or using the Server Software does not reduce
the number of required CALs. The number you need is based on the number of
distinct inputs to the hardware or software 'front end.'" "
I trust that this clarifies the situation for you. If we can be of any
further assistance please contact us on 0870 60 10 100 Monday to Friday
8am - 6pm, e-mail us or visit www.microsoft.com/uk
http://www.microsoft.com/uk> for all your information and support needs.>
Kind regards,""

Anyone care to comment ? do that have a different answer from Microsoft at all ?

They defined the Citrix Datastore as multipexing it appears. 

Surely someone from MS on the list could get official clarification ?


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