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  • From: "Avien Darbendy" <a.darbendy@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 16:40:33 +0100

It happened today, after installing third party software (customer
registration program), but I don't know what are changed , uninstalling
de program did not solve the problem

it didn't have any problem early with folder redirection.







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Just a wild guess but maybe make sure your GPO is set to not detect a
slow link. I thinking maybe your network is busy and the GPO is not
applying as it thinks it is on a slow link....


Matthew Shrewsbury, MCSE+Internet MCSE 2000 CCA 

Network Administrator

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Hallo everybody,


I have problem with Folder redirection (using Group policy), that users
missing their redirected start menu and desktop,

is not always, but it happened randomly on different Citrix server by
different users and some time when they logon again on same server it
work again, strongly some time they get theirs redirected start menu and
desktop after a any time without needing to logon again. 

It is very bizarre situation.


We publish desktop through Citrix Metaframe xp 1.0, and without their
startmneu and shortcut on their desktop can do nothing.


I hoop that somebody can give my any hints.








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