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1)      Yes, and Yes,

2)      No, not in the current version.  If I were doing it by hand, it might 
take me a day.  Use the GPO modelling wizard to print you out a list of GPO's 
and enter them in by hand.  AppSense is a lot quicker and faster as it has an 
built in search tool for GPO's and you will get through them fast.

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I have a GPO that sets 800+ user registry entries on logon.

All office 2003 / IE / Environment settings but it slows the users logon down 
by around .. 35 seconds!

The questions i have is
1) can appsense improve the logon speed by doing the registry changes itself? 
(either every time the user logs on or only if not set)

2) Can these settings be easily exported from the GPO (somehow) and then 
imported as Appsense EM settings

Thanks to anyone if you have any ideas / replies... :)

James P Scanlon
Wintel Analyst
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