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Great paper - thanks!

But, did you see that if was from three years ago?

Makes me feel so old...  <G>


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Sorry to reply with an RTFM, but this really is better than anything I
might manage to waffle on about.


The best of SATA is the first S (SATA and SAS use the same interface /
cables). The best of SCSI is everything else. It's just marketing
really - SATA is already a buzz word, whereas SAS is just starting to
be available.

On 9/29/06, Matthew Shrewsbury <MShrewsbury@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Not to hijack this thread but what do you think about SAS drives? I just
> bought new Dell 1950 servers and am going to be using them in the Citrix
> farm. Dell claim they give you the best of SATA and SCSI in the same
> drive.

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