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SATA can be an alternative for SCSI if you want cheaper, but can accept
slower and less reliable storage. We found a home for them in our D2D2T
solution, but those specs were acceptable for that project. Everyone's
requirements are different for every project. Personally, if I'm
responsible for the equipment or my reputation is on the line, then I'm
going to recommend what I believe to be the best. If I have to
compromise integrity for price, then I make sure that management
understands that. I keep an "I told you so" in my back pocket. :)

Check this out--

Seek times:

SAS Barracuda ES: 8.5/9.5
SAS NL35: 8.0/9.0

SCSI/SAS Cheetah 15k: 3.5/4.0
SCSI/SAS Savvio 10k.2: 3.8/4.4

Sustained transfer rate:

SAS Barracuda ES: up to 78 Mbytes/sec
SAS NL35: up to 65 Mbytes/sec

SCSI/SAS Cheetah 15k: up to 125 Mbytes/sec
SCSI/SAS Savvio 10k.2: up to 85 Mbytes/sec

Annualized Fail Rate at 24x7 operation:

SAS Barracuda ES: .73%
Others: not listed, probably worse since the Barracuda is supposed to be
their most reliable SATA or probably not rated for 24x7 operation

SCSI/SAS Cheetah 15k: .62%
SCSI/SAS Savvio 10k.2: .55%

So from the numbers, it's safe to say that the SCSI/SAS seek times are
almost half of SATA. Additionally, the above SATA drives are up to 25%
more likely to fail than a SCSI/SAS drive. That's if you get these new
ones that are supposed to be more reliable than the others!

Here's an interesting link from the makers of the Barracuda. ;)


So the bottom line is that SATA is a viable alternative for SCSI/SAS,
but mostly for specific solutions/projects or very small shops.

Good luck,

Roger Riggins   
Network Administrator 
Lutheran Services in Iowa 
w: 319.859.3543 
c: 319.290.5687 

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The Seagate 3GB/s SATA drives (Barracuda ES) lines have a 5-year
warranty - and, for the price, I can put 8 of those in a server with
RAID-10 and RAID-5 with 2 hot-spares for a fraction of the cost of SCSI
for equivalent capacity.  In other words, I'd have to disagree with the
comments about SATA not being a viable alternative to SCSI/SAS.  And
throw in an SAS RAID controller, and you've made the migration to SAS
drives down the road a fairly simple thing as well.  The SATA disks
being referred to in those articles are older tech and better suited for
desktop computers, rather than servers - IMHO.

Amer Karim
Nautilis Information Systems

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